"I think this is the most WORKABLE, COST EFFECTIVE idea I have yet to see."
P. Sweig

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Kitty Klips -- an idea that may help save your cat's life by keeping him or her contained within a fenced yard. The Kitty Klips system is easy to install, inexpensive to buy and works on nearly every type of fencing. Using this simple idea, four adult cats have been contained within the backyard now for over ten years.*

This idea was born in response to losing a precious cat to a car in the back alley. Please don't let your cats suffer the same fate. This idea is offered to you as free of charge, so that you might be able to use the concept to help keep your cats safe.

Please remember that we are not selling a product -- we are simply providing an idea that uses readily available materials to help cat proof your existing fencing.

Send e-mail to KittyKlips@kittyklips.com

(*Note, since the idea was created, one of these original 4 cats has died of natural causes and the other escaped due leaving a table too close to the fence line where she could jump to the top of the fence, bypassing the system. The other cats did not chose to use this escape route. We have a new kitten now and will be watching her carefully as we introduce her to the back yard.)

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