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The Cat Containment System

If you decide to try the idea on your fence, please let us know how it works on your particular fence line with your particular cats.


"The Kitty Klips is a great idea!! Especially for renters who cannot alter the fencing, or afford something expensive! " J

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Basic Installation

Basic Installation

  1. Measure the length of the spot where you will place a Kitty Klipİ. For long lengths of fence line, you can use the entire 10" length of PVC pipe -- it will just be a bit unwieldy and will require two people for cutting and installation. One end of the pipe will likely be flared and can be inserted into the end of the next Kitty Klipİ to ensure uninterrupted coverage.

  2. Cut the PVC pipe to that length using a hand saw.

Using a hand saw or an electric jig saw, cut a long slit along the length of the pipe. Most PVC pipe of this nature has some printing on the outside that runs the length of the pipe. Use this as a guide to keep your cut straight, or use a marker of some sort. It is important that the length wise cut be straight.

Depending upon the surface that is being fitted with Kitty Klipsİ, you may need to make a second cut that parallels the one you just made.

This can help in the actual attachment of the Kitty Klipsİ onto the desired location. However, it is important not to cut too much out of the circumference, or the Kitty Klipİ will lose its grip.

The final step is to attach the Kitty Klipİ around the desired spot. The pipe will wrap around the area, preventing your cats from digging in their claws.

"My Kitty Klips were completed 1 week ago.  The cats love it!!! I found that the "thin wall" PVC pipe is the cheapest and easiest to use.  Thanks for the great suggestion.  I have reason to believe that the Kitty Klips may keep my dog from climbing the fence also."
Cherie L.

Kitty Klips installed on alley fence
Original Kitty Klips installation


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