Alexia in her tree
Alexia in her tree.

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Here are some neat ideas for keeping cats happy! Some were contributed by visitors to the page. Please feel free to send us your ideas! Just as you have lots of toys to keep indoor cats entertained, cats who are contained to a back yard should be entertained as well.

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Ideas for Cat Fun!Alexia at her TV

Get Them a Dog! 
Sometimes man’s best friend is also a cat’s best friend. Our dog Bailey is the greatest baby sitter for our outdoor baby, Von VII. Now that he is contained, he needs extra love and attention and sometimes Bailey is the best solution! 

Click here to see a video of Bailey getting her loves from Von VII.

Bird Watching!
Try a Plexiglas bird feeder that sticks on the glass on an outside window. Suzanne put it in a spot where her 2 kitties can sit on the back of the couch and watch the birds feed from inches away. The birds are safe and do not seem to even notice the kitties. Of course the kitties notice the birds! Contributed Suzane from Austin, Texas

Take Them Fishing!
Go to your local sporting goods store and pick up one of those kiddy fishing poles. It comes with a soft rubber casting plug. Fling that plug out into the yard just in front of your kitty and reel it back in. They'll think it's an odd-looking mouse and you'll be rolling on the ground laughing in no time!  Contributed by Michael

Plant A Garden!
This idea is from a gardener, as well as a cat lover. Her cats have so much fun being little "jungle kitties" in among the plants, that they don’t see much point in going to the front. Kitties may be happier if they have some "undergrowth" to lurk in!  Contributed by Jan S.

Caged Crickets! 
The best cat toy we've found is a plastic critter cage or other transparent, slippery-sided box with a half dozen or so crickets in it. The crickets don't seem to mind the occasional buffering of their cage, and sing and live contentedly; while the cat never seems to tire of his unsuccessful chases after those enticingly moving bugs. Contributed by Janet S.

Make a Mouse Toy Wind Chime!  
Hang toys from tree branches or a pole. And put bird feeders outside of the fence, but in areas where cats can see them. Also, one of our cat's favorite toys is my husband's golf flag. Solomon also steals the golf balls as often as he can. They are pretty hard to pick up so his soccer style batting has gotten pretty good. Contributed by Susan M.

Make Them Some Kitty TV's!
For example, each of the wooden fences in our yard have small holes drilled at regular intervals at about kitty-eye height. These kitty TVs keep them busy for hours watching the activities in the back alley or down at the end of the driveway. As cats or other critters travel down the alley behind our house, it is not unusual to see 2, or sometimes even 3, kitties lined up, each at their own little porthole, following the action.

Find A High Spot! 
There is a nice fig tree in the center of the yard, far enough away from the fence so that the cats can't leap from the tree over the fence. We have nailed a platform high in the tree. In the winter, this kitty tree house becomes a place to stare over the walls. In the summer, when the leaves are full, they often hide out on the platform, seeking the cool of the shade or attempting to catch the birds and bugs that come to feast on the figs. 

Plant Kitty Friendly Grass!
You know how much kitty like to munch on things. Fill their space with good things for them to chew on.  Contributed by Liz

Plant Flowers 
Little Von VII literally dances around the yard when the butterflies come. Our fig tree also attracts big flying bugs and lots of birds. 

Give Them Lots Of Levels!
Check out the local landscaping yard for things that will give them different levels to climb and hide on. Just be careful not to place these things too close to the fence, or your cats will use them to escape.  Contributed by Liz

Create Hiding Places! Provide Toys!
What about using a hollow tree trunk or something similar so they can play hide and seek. Look through the garage for interesting things for them to play with. Make sure what you choose is safe, but use your imagination!  Contributed by Liz

Water! Water! Everywhere!
Well, OK, not exactly everywhere, but many cats like water. We got an e-mail telling us about a kitten and her fascination for the Barbie Swimming Pool. So, how about making your cats a little fish pond. They would love to see little fish skittering around. Float some things on the surface.  Contributed by Steve

Get Outside And Play With Them!
Here's an idea that needs you ... and a flashlight. Pan the flashlight beam around the yard and see if any of your cats like to chase it! We do much the same thing with our water hose for the dog. She will chase that stream of water for hours if we could keep it up that long.  Contributed by Steve

Build Them A Big Tunnel! 
Using 12" diameter heating ducts you can make them an interesting play place. By using the elbows, you can make all sorts of weird shapes both snaking around on the ground or, even going up and down.  Contributed by Doug

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