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We have asked people what they think of the Kitty Klips idea -- for feedback on how it works on their fence lines -- and for ideas for improving the concept. Remember, Kitty Klips is an idea designed to stimulate your imagination. Your fence line may require additional brain power to find just the right combination of kitty thwarting devices.

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"I am so glad I stumbled upon your Kitty Klips site.  My Siamese constantly tries to get out...she doesn't like being an indoor cat.  I adopted her from a shelter and wonder if she was allowed to roam freely previously.  In fact, that might be how she ended up at the shelter.

We were planning to install a 6 ft. stockade fence so my husband didn't have to walk the dog late at night.  We live in the Poconos where there are bears and coyotes.  We knew the cats, we have two, would easily scale it but I started letting the Siamese out and she enjoyed it immensely and didn't show much interest in jumping it.  I let the second cat out a week later and she jumped it within the first 10 minutes.  That's when we installed the kitty klips.  I let her out again and this time she jumped on the vertical post and perched a top it.  Got some more PVC pipes, cut them 1 ft. lengths, and placed them at the top of the vertical posts.  It was just enough to keep her from any more jumping. (See photo.)

I had searched for several solutions, all more expensive.  This was quick, easy and inexpensive to do.  Thank you so much for sharing this idea.  My cats are so happy now."
Cathy, New York

"Years and years ago, I came upon your Kitty Klip idea - long before the nice website you have now, I think. I put corrugated drain pipe on the top of my four foot chain link fence. That worked for two out of three cats. So, I used plastic ties to fasten an additional layer of piping along the top of the fence. That worked for all three cats. They have long since given up trying - but when it first went up, if they tried to climb it, they had nothing to grasp onto and if they tried to jump on it the pipe repelled them back into the yard. It may not be the prettiest to look at, but your ideas has made it possible for my cats to have their own safe backyard. It also has kept other cats out of the yard as well. I wish all cat owners would take the time to give their cats a safe and contained outside area. Thanks for the inspiration!"
Julie, Michigan

"I stumbled upon your web page and your Kitty Klips idea last week. My husband and I have been racking our brains trying to figure out a way to keep our cats (3 of them) in the yard and safe. We have chain link and it's been a chore to get them to realize that they are to stay in their own yard. Thank goodness I came across your Kitty Klips!!! The cats have each gone to the Klips and sniffed and looked and thoroughly checked them out but have not attempted to jump the fence since. We will be keeping an eye on them to see what happens, but so far it looks like this will be the answer to our prayers! Thank you so very much."
Gail Fisher, UT

"I put Kitty Klips around the top of our 6' wooden fence, and on the places uprights or horizontal wood pieces showed, and on our trees. Lots of adjustments later, I realized that one tree with 5 trunks couldn't be dealt with with pvc pipe, so I bought corrugated pvc in 8' by 2 1/2' sections (cost was $8-$9 each, twice the cost of pvc pipe). I'm not sure what it is meant to be used for, but it was perfect for wrapping around the tree trunks. Four of the 5 cats were content, but the fifth found that she could still go straight up the 6' fence and over the Kitty Klip. I ended up putting the corrugated pvc horizontally all the way around the fence just under the pvc pipe. I spray painted all of the pipe and corrugated pvc sage green to blend in with my old, worn fence. It has been quite an adventure--I have much greater for my cat's intelligence and tenacity than ever before. It gives me great peace of mind to know that the can have great cat fun in our back yard without the worry of loss or injury from roaming. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas!"
B. Wilson

"I want to thank you for the Kitty Klip info. I made a small change to the system as you can tell from the attached image file I sent. I have one cat who was able to still climb the pvc vertical 4x4's! It was truly amazing to watch him do this. I think I have thwarted him by attaching another small section of pvc next to the other pvc vertical 4x4. This prevents him from grasping the pvc altogether. Now I just have to wait and see how he intends to plan his next "Great Escape"! Thanks again for the helpful tips."
J. Letts

"I again want to thank you for the info your web page has provided. It was because of it that I built my "cat corral" for my 3 cats. They are much more contented now that they can "roam" outside whenever they choose to."
J. Letts

"I had emailed you quite a while back about using corrugated drain pipe as an alternative. You were unfamiliar with anyone using this. I thought I would give you a follow up for future reference. I had tried this pipe due to the very low expense $25 for 100 feet. After installation I watched and waited for my to cats to attempt the fence. Well they never tried. I got my two male cats at a young age. They were fixed when brought to their new home, so maybe they never had the roaming urge. All seemed well until a couple of weeks ago when a feral cat got into our yard. I did not see this but my wife said this cat was quite capable of scaling my corrugated pipe. Also the same cat was walking on top of the pipe the other day. So if anyone ask you may now tell them of my experience. I believe the corrugated pipe is just slightly too soft. By the way extended about two feet of netting above my fence, which I have seen thwart two different cats attempts to scale our fence."

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