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Kitty Klips©

The Cat Containment System

If you decide to try the idea on your fence, please let us know how it works on your particular fence line with your particular cats.


"Thank you for sharing the Kitty Klips information - I am positive we will be installing them this weekend!! Not only will we save hundreds of dollars, we can have confidence that we can handle the job."
Carol S

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Kitty Klips for cat containment
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Here's the Secret

It was our observation that to escape from a fenced yard, cats use their jumping skills -- combined with their claws. This jump, grab and climb technique allows them to escape from nearly every yard. The Kitty Klips© system is used in conjunction with a fenced yard and can eliminate the "grab and climb" part of their plan. 

If you have a fenced yard that is at least high enough so that your cats can't clear it in a single bound, you should be able to install Kitty Klips© and keep your precious cats confined to the safety, comfort and FUN! of their own back yard.

Kitty Klips can be easily installed on a variety of fencing:

  • Wooden Fences 
  • Brick or Stucco Walls 
  • Wide Walls 
  • Chain Link Fences 
  • Trees next to fences

All You Need is PVC Pipe and a Simple Hand Saw!


For all the details on installing Kitty Klips© jump to Basics!

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